For The Art of It

The work of an artist is continuous.  It is not dependent on being published, or honored or even recognized.  An artist practices her art everyday to expand and improve. To bring up her art and take it to a higher level.  Two outstanding glaring examples of this is Emily Dickinson and Prince. Dickinson worked diligently on a single new poem everyday without even the smallest thought or prospect of being published. She was virtually a recluse and requested that her work be burned upon her death. She did it for the art of it.

Prince left enough unpublished music in his personal vault to record 100 more albums. Those close to him say he wrote a new song everyday.  His brother-in-law says Prince worked non-stop for nearly a week leading up to his death (don’t know if thats even possible but Prince worked hard enough that his brother-in-law felt it was non-stop for nearly a week). These are artist practicing their art…refining their art…perfecting their art, for the art of it. Emily_Dickinson images

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