Taking It To Another Level

The University of Conn women just won their fourth championship in a row. It’s a hell of an accomplishment but what makes them so great?  It does not make sense that the coach gets all of the best players in the country. UConn’s players are great but they are not the only great players in the country.  There are a lot of female basketball players just as great as Breanna Stewart or Moriah Jefferson.  What makes these players play on a different level than the other players?  Preparation, folks, preparation.  Before this team demolished their opponents in the championship game, they trained like hell to get ready to win.  Their coach is the difference between great potential and great achievement. He prepares his team like no other coach in his profession.  He brought in a marine sergeant to teach his players mental toughness. He also trained them like marine recruits. Most people (mediocre people) would say this is excessive for college sports. Gene Auriemma, Conn’s head coach, would disagree (as he 11846472heft his tenth trophy). Anyone who understands greatness would disagree.  Greatness does not result from doing what you’ve always done.  Greatness is a result of taking it to another level.  A level the vast majority is too scared or too lazy to reach for. It is not easy or fun or quick.  It is work…a lot of it.  It is tedious and sometimes boring.  It is a lot of shit work to get to the good stuff. Nope…I’m not just talking about a basketball game.

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