When Losing Is Winning

I’ve just been booted from my latest writing group.  In all fairness I never went so I do understand.  And while we all want to be included in the cliques and have smoke blown up our asses, we would also like to be published and I don’t think that was going to happen as long as I stayed where it was comfortable, hence:  I never went.  I want to be published.  I want an editor to kiss my ass and throw money at me.  I want J K Rowlings dollars and readers.  I want fanatical fans standing in lines wrapped three blocks around the corner of Costco to get a copy of my book and to just see me.  I want to do what Oprah did for book clubs. I want it all.  And while I am not hating on either ebooks or self publishing I don’t want to do it.  I want my hardcopy  book in the hands of every reader on the subway.  I want the riders missing their stopscopy-copy-copy-blog-20121.jpg because they can’t put me down. So I guess I’m trading comraderie and wine and soft critique for research and writing for four hours a day until its done and then finding an agent and a tough but honest writing group that I respect more than I like. It breaks my heart but it feeds my soul.

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